We put great emphasis on quality.This shows in inititial and continuous training of our employees, the selection and maintenance of our machineries, when purchasing raw materials and our understanding of customer requirements and expectations and our zero defect policy.

It is our standard to meet customer requirements and expectations, to conform with national and international guidlines as well as mandatory requirements and standards. Ever since 2003 we have been continuously certified, currently according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our sincerity regarding quality can be seen e.g. in the production of our tension springs: 100% continuous quality inspections during the production ensure supplies of solely faultless parts to our customer.


Test Center

qualitaet_messen_194We are able to exactly measure, check and of course, record forces, measurements and the required specifications at several internal test centres and the use of modern measuring devices.

First sample inspection reports, follow-up documentation, goods issue logs, measurements and documentation for the SPC (Statistical process control) as well as machinery capabilities (MFU) are our standard.

We also regard standards of the automobile industry such as VDA6.3.

qualitaet_messen_175Quality standards of our customers are at highest level and by means of worker self-control and reliable, enthusiastic and qualified employees we are able to match these. Because quality pays off !

We are happy to provide material acceptance tests, factory certificates and or corresponding test reports and recordings for each supply, if desired.