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About us

As family owned medium-sized company, located in Lippstadt, North Rhine Westphalia (between Dortmund approx. 70 km and Bielefeld approx. 60 km) we are a reliable partner for our customers who value the personal contact. Since more than 65 years we offer a large range of production of springs made of wire or strip steel. Our customers value the personal contact to our knowledgable and friendly team of experts. Personal consultation or the direct contact by phone is of great importance to us.


We offer great flexibility in number of pieces-from prototype to large numbers all out of one hand-as well as reaction times due to our company size, a well-blended mixture of an excellent team of experts and well chosen machinery. We ensure continuously high quality regardless whether we refer to the handmade spring for an oldtimer workshop or millions of pieces for an international group. The structure of our company has been adjusted to a diversity of requirements by experience and strategic planning.


We put great emphazise on passing on our know-how to our trainees. But not only our trainees benefit from our great will of improvements. We also train our longterm and reliable employees in regular workshops and further education. Incentives such as Summer festivals with families or the annual Christmas celebration form a vital part of our company culture.